The Rev Canon Dr Robert Reiss speaks on 24 October in our Community Lecture Series.  Click on the image for more information.

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Community Lecture Series


Thursday, 28 November 8:00pm

The Very Revd Jeffrey John
    Dean of St Albans Cathedral
“Thank God for Equal Marriage”
Jeffrey John will address the current struggle to allow same-sex marriage in the Church of England. He has been Dean of St Albans since 2004 . He was previously Vicar of Holy Trinity Eltham, Canon Chancellor and Theologian of Southwark Cathedral, and Director of Training in the Southwark Diocese. He has been partnered to Grant Holmes since 1976. In 2003 he was appointed Bishop of Reading but subsequently forced to withdraw. His books include The Meaning in the Miracles, Permanent Faithful Stable: Christian Same-Sex Marriage, and Going for Growth.  He co-authored This is Our Faith: A Popular Presentation of Anglican Belief.

Thursday, 26 September 8:00pm

The Revd Canon Dr Rosemarie Mallett
    Director of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
    Diocese of Southwark

“What’s the point of the parish church?”

(ALREADY DONE. Thanks, Rosemarie.)

​​Our popular, thought-provoking Community Lecture Series resumes on 26 September.  All lectures are held at St George's (see address below) and begin at 8:00 pm.  Free and open to the public. Refreshments provided. Q&A sessions follow.  A voluntary retiring collection will be taken at the end of each lecture.

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Thursday, 24 October 8:00pm

The Revd Canon Dr Robert Reiss
    Canon Emeritus
    Westminster Abbey 

“What can we really believe about Jesus Christ?”

He will examine both historical and theological debates about what can be credibly believed about Jesus since the advent of biblical criticism from the nineteenth century onwards, considering especially some recent debates started by the publication of The Myth of God Incarnate.  He is the author of Sceptical Christianity (2016) and is working on Death, Where is Your Sting? which he hopes will be published in 2020.