Children & Young People

Children and young people are very welcome at St George’s and are integrated into all areas of our worship. Our commitment to children and young people is central to our Mission Action Plan.

Once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month we have intergenerational worship where we all stay together. On other weeks there is Children’s Church to give the children the space to explore for themselves who they are and who God is.

Sermon Surgery for Secondary School Aged Children

We believe that faith comes when we wrestle with God and ask the hard questions. We don’t believe that any of us. children, young people or adults, should just accept unquestionably what we are told about God or the church. To encourage this questioning and living faith, once a month we proved a space for the young people to go out after the sermon and to ask the hard questions. What didn’t make sense in the sermon? What does what was said mean for you? What does it tell you about God and the world if what was said is true? This session is usually on the third Sunday of the month, but please keep on eye on the weekly MailChimp for full details!

Messy Church Goes Wild

Twice a month we run Messy Church Goes Wild in the outdoor classrooms at local schools. This is a special time to connect with the creator through creation. All are welcome! Recent dates below – to be updated when dates for the next acedemic year are

Here is a sample of what we get up to. Church where you don’t have to sit still and you get to toast and eat marshmallows. What more could you want?

The Huddle Youth Club

Every Friday the parish youth meet at 6pm Christ Church East Greenwich for The Huddle. In the school holidays there is usually a trip out.