Tuesday, 14 July 8:00pm   (via Zoom)

Rev Tim Yeager
Team Vicar, St George's, Westcombe Park

“Urban Ministry in Chicago: Liberation Theology on the West Side"

Our own local vicar was a trade union organiser, attorney, priest and social justice activist in the USA before coming to St George's in 2014. He was based in Chicago from 1991 to 2014, and spent the last 2 1/2 years there as the Priest-in-Charge of St Andrew's Episcopal (Anglican) Church on the Near West Side of Chicago. St Andrew's is a Black majority church of the Anglo-Catholic tradition known for its activism in one of Chicago's most economically deprived neighbourhoods.  Tim will tell the history of the West Side - a place where immigrants came from around the world to work in America's growing industries, the birthplace of May Day (International Labour Day) and the early trade union movement, and now one of the largest African-American communities in the USA.  He will discuss the realities of life in that hard-hit neighbourhood, and highlight the role of the Church in the struggle to save the public (state) schools, for housing and job opportunities and against gun violence in Chicago. This talk is made all the more timely as we consider how to overcome racism and inequality today in the UK.  A Q&A session will follow.

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Join us on Tuesday, 14 July at 8 pm for the final lecture in our Community Lecture Series: Urban Ministry in Chicago: Liberation Theology on the West Side.) Click on the image at right.

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