I've really enjoyed the course and want to thank you so much for the way in which you delivered it with equal doses of sincerity & humour!!

I liked the way it was presented, with lots of variety, e.g. the multi-media, with pictures from different sources which showed different interpretations of Jesus' life. Music gave a sense of place where the events took place.

I have believed for a long time that it is almost impossible today for young people to encounter an intelligent account of what Christianity is actually about. Do you have any plans to develop an online version of the course?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Galilee Course, learning about new things and the context things happen.  I enjoyed the group, the relaxed and sociable aspect sharing bread.  Kindles a desire to know more and deepen my faith and to make time for prayer and reading scriptures.  The openness of people to talk and be open with everyone else.

Read what previous participants say about The Galilee Course:


Wednesday evenings 18 September - 7 November

Back by popular demand, St George’s Church is happy to announce the second running of  its new course exploring matters of faith entitled: “THE GALILEE COURSE - A fresh look at Christianity for inquiring minds”.  Designed by the Rev Tim Yeager, the course will meet on Wednesday nights beginning on the 18th of September, at St George’s Church on Glenluce Road. 

The format begins with a simple meal at 7:30, followed by an illustrated talk and small group discussion, ending by 9:30 pm.  There will be eight sessions, with the final one on the 5th of November.  Participants are encouraged to attend all the sessions, but you are also welcome to attend any one or more of them. 

It is designed as an introduction to Christianity for the curious, but seeks to offer new insights for more experienced Christians as well.  Bible stories will be examined in the light of their historical and social context, and a variety of perspectives will be offered on questions such as the meaning of the Kingdom of God and the Resurrection, including those of contemporary progressive thinkers.

Participants are invited to explore their own faith questions in a friendly and welcoming environment.  The course is free and open to the public.  

For more info or to register for the course, contact Rev Tim Yeager: tim@stgeorgeswestcombepark.org.uk  or call: 020 3633 5494.

Serving Westcombe Park in East Greenwich, SE3 7SD

The great thing about the course is that it presented us with lots of new information. Moreover, it contained surprising and revealing insights for both those attendees who were new to the scholarship on historical Jesus and his times and those who did have some prior knowledge of the subject matter. In that sense, it was a truly educational experience.

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